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Isle of Man Darts Festival Draw

The Pokerstars Isle of Man Darts Festival is ongoing ahead this weekend and the draws have been released, with a host of our players making the trip.

The event will kick off with the Isle of Man Classic on Thursday. The Masters and Open tournament will be played on Friday and Saturday. The finals of those three events will take place on Sunday.

Gary Tipping, Karl Frizzell, Barry Copeland, Neil Duff, Gareth Chambers, Nigel Peden, Allan Brown, Austin Thompson, Jamie Surplus, Marty Mooreland, Ryan Johnston, David Heasley, Alan Kerr, George Mcgivern among others for the men.

In the ladies we have Grace Crane, Denise Cassidy, Julie Leahy, Tammy Jo Grafton and Anna Madigan.

A host of international players have registered including Jim Williams, James Richardson, Ross Montgomery, Chris Landman, Wes Newton, Martin Adams, Ted Hankey, Dave Parletti, Paul Hogan and Richard Veenstra.

While Beau Greaves, Deta Hedman, Lorraine Winstanley, Aileen de Graaf, Anastasia Dobromyslova and Fallon Sherrock are among the female participants.

Draw 2020 Isle of Man Darts Festival

Isle of Man Classic (Thursday)


Isle of Man Masters (Friday)


Isle of Man Open (Saturday)


Good luck to all.

PDC Premier League Night 5 Preview

So here we are again, this week off to Westpoint Arena in Exeter with local thrower and World Youth Champion Luke Humphries in action as this week’s challenger.

First up is Northern Ireland’s Daryl Gurney, winless in four attempts, taking on Rob Cross. Every week it’s a challenge for Daryl, but we all know he is more than capable but he is just not firing as yet in the Premier League. Rob Cross will look to pounce on any weakness that Daryl shows. Hopefully this is Daryl’s week and he gets off well and continues. I think this is a draw 6-6.

Second match Gerwyn Price the newly crowned Belgian Dart Champion takes on three time BDO winner Glen Durrant. Not hard to predict this one as Gerwyn seems to be on a crest of a wave and I can see no other result but a win for Price. Price 7-2.

Third match is Snakebite vs The Asp – which one will strike first? An intriguing game this one, Aspinall continues to race up the rankings and Snakebite is the newly crowned World Champion. Snakebite has been putting in some serious serious averages on the floor but then hasn’t totally shone at the Premier League. Is this the week the real Snakebite turns up, he will have to or Aspinall will have him. Snakebite to win 7-4.

Gary Anderson next against World Youth Champion Luke Humphries. I canno see anything other than a win for Anderson. Humphries is a real talent but he is not on the level that Anderson is, in my opinion. Anderson to win 7-3.

Last up tonight is Michael Smith versus Michael Van Gerwen. Two of the most talented guys in world darts. Michael Smith is undoubtedly capable of beating anyone, and I mean anyone on planet darts. MVG is the same but he does it on a more consistent basis. With that in mind MVG has not been the same invincible monster he was previously and is vulnerable nowadays. It’s a brave man to bet against MVG and it won’t be me this week. Very rarely does MVG get beat consecutively by the same person. He will be up for getting his revenge on Smith for knocking him out of the Belgian Darts Championship. MVG wins 7-4.

2020 Unibet Premier League
Night Five
Thursday March 5
Westpoint Exeter
Rob Cross v Daryl Gurney
Gerwyn Price v Glen Durrant
Nathan Aspinall v Peter Wright
Gary Anderson v Luke Humphries
Michael Smith v Michael van Gerwen

Northern Ireland Team for Celtic Challenge

So now that the Scottish Open is over (winners Jim Williams and Beau Greaves), we are onto the second weekend in a row in Scotland. This time in Glenrothes for the Celtic Challenge where Scotland host Northern Ireland and Wales in a hotly contested darts competition.

The Northern Ireland teams are:

Ladies team

Lorraine Brandon (Manager)20
Kayleigh O’Neill (Captain)4023
Grace Crane12060
Jackie O’Neill177
Elaine Moran31
Helen Dunn1912
Shiela Hamill31

Men’s Team

Gareth Chambers (Manager)00
Kyle McKinstry4028
Neil Duff7143
Chris Gilliland3416
Gary Elliott8142
Josh RockDebutDebut
Andy Coulter62
Daniel McDonald3112
David FinlayDebutDebut
Simon DunnDebutDebut
Paddy McGinnisDebutDebut
Raymie Williamson156
Jason LockhartDebutDebut

We would like to wish all the players the best of luck obviously, but most of all to our debutants on their appearances – hopefully the darts go where they are supposed to and Northern Ireland come out on top. We are more than capable of winning with this squad of players in the ladies and men’s. Come on Northern Ireland!

Interview with Geoff Wylie

We have been lucky enough to gain an interview with Northern Ireland Darts Organisation Chairman and NI darts legend Geoff Wylie.

We know you are very experienced and have played many many international games and won the England Open and played in the PDC and BDO, but how did you start throwing darts? 

It was a bit of fun at the start but then I noticed there was something there so got on the board and practiced. I enjoyed the winning part, even league games.

Who have been your role models or inspiration – not necessarily in darts? 

A lot, but the one that stood out was out was Davy Rock, he was the best about in my early days and when asked to play pairs with him it was special – a hard master but great achievements are derived from that.  Eric Bristow is another, always had time when making my first internationals and a lifelong friend. I still have his number on my phone to this day and have great memories. The main one was and still is my wife Ann, as she had to put up with all the travelling and time away listening to highs and lows, the shoulds and could haves and still 100% behind me.

What was your first competition win that stands out and who was it against? 

Best that stands out was the England Open. I beat Roland Scholten in the last eight, Peter Manley in semi final and Raymond van Barneveld in the final. This got me my first full time sponsor plus the first player from here to win a BDO major. Then I started to room and played pairs with Mike Gregory for the next couple of years great memories.

Recently we have seen a lot of NI based players make the transition to the BDO and PDC, do you think the NIDO is increasing in standard and we are becoming more competitive to the BICC and PDC standard? 

Yes for sure. There are a lot of good players that can mix it with the best but only if you dedicate and put in the commitment on the board will you get results you deserve. You must be fully committed to come close, you can’t pick one or two tournaments and hope, you must give 100% to what you want.

Your role as Chairman of NIDO must be challenging at times, what one thing would you like to change in NIDO, given the opportunity?

Being chairman is never easy if something goes wrong, it’s lies with me. We have had a hard five years with some people working against the grain all the time, but last year I put an executive in place, five people plus myself. From there we have gained new sponsors – Indigo and Smithwicks just to name a couple. We have a hard working team with a new venue so things are on the up and looking good for the future. I now want to put some more effort towards the youth, as to me there is not enough for them and remember they are our future in the sport.   

The Celtic Challenge was from our perspective a great weekend of darts, will NIDO continue in this challenge with the other nations?

Yes for sure its guaranteed for the next couple of years and other teams already wanting in, so looks good for the present.

What darts do you use – flights, stems and barrel.

My darts are custom made, I always designed my own darts so they are made for me. With flights and stems I try different ones, but at present I am playing with cuesoul – thanks to Neil Duff.

What is your favourite double? 

I like 16 and tops but it’s a strong part of my game so I don’t mind – its getting to them now lol

Recently the NIDO tournaments moved to the Nortel Social Club, what did the executive think of the move, was it successful? 

Fantastic entry for our first day with over 174 entries in men. We were in a small room but this has now being sorted and will start and finish much earlier next time. Also the ladies and youth will have a bigger and better room. I think it’s a keeper.

Apart from the usual suspects, who should we look out for – new or returning players on the local ladies, mens and youth, circuit this season?

Too many to pick from and the standard is going up all the time. I think we are now in a good place to bring out the best going forward.

Wearing your Area 2 hat now, what do you think are Area 2s chances of winning the 1st division?

I have played for Area 2 for thirty plus years and will continue to do so till we don’t have a team. I don’t chase the glory as in Area 2 we have it already. I think we have a very good chance to regain the county’s championship as it was ours to win, but strange things happen in darts.  

We have noticed that the NIDO Pairs is jot on the calendar, is that correct or is it to be decided?

Hopefully it will be back with the new venue as it may attract more entries.

What do you think NIDO should do to increase the participation in the tournaments?

One of the main things was the change of venue. The members now need to support the tournaments. It looks good from here forward.

What is your favourite venue to play in Northern Ireland?

I love all the venues as every club put in a lot of time to make things right so I enjoy them all.

Will the NIDO be using Gladiator boards, in future?

If we have to we will but at present Winmau is the one board supplier that gives us help at present.

Who has been your favourite pairs partner? 

Few good ones here Martin Adams, Eric Bristow and Mike Gregory. Locally Davy Rock, George McDowell, John McGowan and big John elder all take a bow for putting up with me. All of them are all so special to me. 

Toughest person to beat in a darts game?

Now everyone lol. But there is a lot of class out there, so l respect them all and yourself Johnny when you have the dart head on.

Best finisher on the circuit?

Myself 15 years ago. Nowadays Kyle, Chris and Neil, but so so many to mention.

Most likely to hit a double double finish? 

Darnell McCrory would be the one to try it most hitting it ????

Most likely to get a bounce out?

Geoffrey Matthews gets a few of those, as does Chris Gilliland with his light throw.

Most likely to miss count? 

Freddie McMullan was always at it, and I am sure hasn’t changed lol.

Best marker on the circuit? 

Alan Brown or Tony Rimmer.

Biggest moaner on the circuit?

Come on now how long do you want the list to be and by the way for all the smart asses out there, I have changed! But Neil Duff and John Elder must be close contenders lol.

Would like to thank everyone for the great years in darts I have had so far, at home and all over the world and hopefully will live to enjoy a few more years in one of the best games ever played. Thanks so much Johnny you are doing a great job.

PDC World Championship Day 8 Preview

Friday December 20th

Afternoon Session (12.30pm)

4 x Second Round

Darren Webster vs Yuki Yamada

The Demolition Man from Norwich will certainly be the favourite here in this opening match but he hasn’t ever really shone at the World Championships but I think he will have too much for Yamada. I can see Yamada getting a few legs when Webster misses an odd double, but I cant see him winning a set. Webster to win 3-0.

Mervyn King vs Ciaran Teehan

This will be a much anticipated match here in Ireland with Ireland’s Ciaran Teehan taking on Englands Mervyn King.

Ciaran Teehan showed no sign of nerves on his Ally Pally debut and proved just why he’s being touted as Ireland’s next big darting talent with a thumping 3-0 victory over Ross Smith, averaging 90 in the process.

Mervyn King may well be 33 years Teehan’s senior but at 53 there’s still plenty of fire left in the player who still has the best entrance music in the sport. Mervyn will maybe lose a set in this one but will eventually win out 3-1 in a close game.

Jonny Clayton vs Dekker

Toss of a coin for this one. Dekker came through a real struggle of a game against Ryan Joyce with an 80 odd average. Because if that I think Clayton wins this 3-1. Clayton won a Pro Tour event this year where Dekker hasn’t done anything of note at all, same here in this match. Another Welsh man in the next round.

Ricky Evans vs McGeeney

Two polar opposites in this game, whilst McGeeney isn’t terribly slow his play will seem it if Rapid Ricky Evan’s starts fast in this match. Evan’s has had a good 2019 reaching two European Tour finals and whilst he hasn’t had good results at the PDC Worlds previously I think hes too strong for McGeeney in this one. McGeeney has too much quality to not win a set or two but I think Evan’s will get to 3 sets first. Evans 3-2.

Evening Session (7pm)

4 x Second Round

Nathan Aspinall vs Danny Baggish

Nathan Aspinall has to be one of the best young talents around. If you haven’t seen his interview leading up to the Worlds, check it out, he has such a great attitude. The UK Open win has really upped his confidence. Baggish has to be one of the best to come out of the USA recently but longevity is still in question. This is still his first World Championship and didnt set the world alight in his 3-0 win over Andy Boulton averaging in the 80s. None of that will scare The Asp. Aspinall will win this game 3-0.

Joe Cullen vs Nico Kurz

How Nico Kurz got into this round I dont know. James Wilson missed 22 of his 26 darts at double that’s how! He wont be afforded the same with Joe Cullen. Kurz has to win the first set or he will lose 3-0 in sets in my opinion. Cullen to win 3-0.

Max Hopp vs Benito Van de Pas

Again another player in BVdP sneaked through with an 88 average against Gabriel Clemens to play Max Hopp. Who picked Benito to win that game? Not even Benito I reckon…Max Hopp will win this game 3-0 no question, too much scoring ability.

Peter Wright vs Noel Malicdem

Last up we have the mercurial showstopper Peter Snakebite Wright against Noel Malicdem. Anyone betting against Snakebite needs their head examined. Malicdem only got through as his opponent Rodriguez had only 14% checkout.

Snakebite has won four titles this season, including the televised German Darts Championship, while he also set  new average record and reached two major finals at the Champions League and the Grand Slam. Snakey to win 3-0, most 180s and highest checkout.

Adrian Devine wins Seamus Kirk Memorial Cup

Another impressive display by the in form Adrian Butch Devine as he pips the equally impressive Jason Elliot to win the Seamus Kirk Memorial Cup. 48 players turned out for the popular tournament held in Kirks Bar Clady Co Tyrone. Notable entries where PDC players Gavin Carlin Mickey Mansell and 2018 winmer Justin Mcguigan.

As luck would have it Gavin and Mickey collided in the round of 32 with Mickey through on a 4-2 scoreline. As the day progressed down to the last 8 Justin Mcguigan was defeated by Jason Elliot in a super game. Alan Byrne eased past Gerard McGuire 5-0 and Dean Gallagher who had been struggling with dartitis which he now looks to have over come having made the final of a comp in the weigh inn a few weeks ago took little time to defeat Danny McCallion 5-1. Mickey mansell also came unstuck as he fell to a 5-2 defeat to Adrian Devine.

Semi finals paired up Alan Byrne v Adrian Devine and Jason Elliot v Dean Gallagher. After two very close game which could of went either way Adrian and Jason booked their places in the final. The final itself was probably decided in the bull up as no player broke the others throw and Adrian Devine came out on the right side on a 7-6 scoreline.

Kirks Bar would like to thank everyone who attended and took part in this special tournament and look forward to seeing you all next year again.