We all love a bit of practice don’t we 😦 It’s the hard stuff that people don’t see down the pub or at the tournament. We all need practice, and sometimes it can be boring.

So to break up the monotony we are challenging you all to try out the great practice routine ‘Bob’s 27’ as devised by 3 x World Master and the 1988 World Champion Bob Anderson.

Rules of Bob’s 27

You start with 27 points.

Throw 3 darts at every double segment from 1 to bull. If you miss a segment with all 3 darts, the double value of the according segment is subtracted from your score. Every successful throw adds the double value to the score. If you drop to or below 0, the game is over.


Round 1: Double 1 – no hit. New score= 27 – 2 = 25 points

Round 2: Double 2 – 2 hits -> New score= 25 + 2*4 = 33 points

Round 3: Double 3 – no hit -> New score = 33 – 6 = 27 points

and so on…here is a video from the great man himself.

Enjoy your darts and practice won’t feel like practice.

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