Interview with davy glenn

Davy plays in the Northern Ireland Darts Organisation for his County Team Area 2.  Davy is a renowned player and one you would want to miss in the draw at a competition. He is one of the best in the country and his record at International level is second to none.

We know you are an NI International and County player for Area 2, but how did you start throwing darts?

My dad Sean took me to local pub The Anzac in Ballycastle and the captain of the darts team noticed us playing and signed me up.

Who have been your role models or inspiration – not necessarily in darts?

Freddy McMullan has always been my role model, he looked after us when we first started playing counties. (If any of you youngsters don’t know him, look up Freddy McMullan!)

What was your first big competition win and who was it against?

The Sam Moore Memorial in Clough, County Antrim. I beat John McGowan in the final and then the following year beat John Elder in final again. Good memories.

You have done well this year on the NIDO Counties finishing in the top 12 averages – how do you keep going, keep interested, what do you do in your spare time?

I follow Arsenal and Coleraine FC and try to get to as many matches as possible with my son David. To relax I like the odd game of Fifa!

How do you cope with the pressure of performing on stage? Is this a learned skill or are you born with it, in your opinion?

I think the key to it is, that it just comes naturally and I never get too bothered about it.

How would you practice for a competition – do you have a set routine – could you share some of that with our readers?

I would always practice playing 301 double in double out to sharpen up the doubles.

But really I feel playing all kinds of players in competitions, is the best practice for me.

Any tips of the trade – What do you do to relax in a match?

I don’t drink – it’s one of the best tips for anyone starting out.

I noticed your darts at the NI Gold Cup – they look very slim. What darts do you use – flights, stems and barrel.

I use 180 Dragon Darts. They are very slim and long darts. I use 50 mm points, normal plastic nylon stems and 180 flights.

What was your best result / performance?

Finishing overall number one in the NIDO averages in 2007 and winning my 3 world cup bronze medals.

Do you have any message to our readers or anyone you want to thank such as family or sponsors etc – or anything else you want to specially mention

Firstly my family who support me in all that I do. Then there the Bush Ramblers – my club team, the support these guys give me is second to none and a special thanks to wee Alan Greer The Boss.

Then there’s Area 2 team – a great bunch of lads. Last but not least my travelling companions Grace, Nigel and Anne and big Duff, we almost go everywhere together.

At last seasons NI Masters I got to call a game on stage between Davy and another Area 2 player Nigel Cahoon. What a pleasure it was to call the match. Davy ran out a 4-3 winner with some scintillating darts finishing up with just over a 90 average.

Thank you Davy for answering our questions and all the best for the rest of the year.

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