Custom Darts Flights

Welcome to my page highlighting my design services for custom darts flights.

The minimum order quantity is 12 sets (36 flights) for £30 all in plus postage.

I can do standard and pear shape at the moment but will look to expand to other shapes such as kite for example.

Firstly I can do any design you would like on a flight, whether that is one colour and one line of text or multiple colours and hundreds of layers on a flight – whichever suits the individual. There is normally a turnaround of 3 weeks from payment to delivery, but with the COVID-19 issues at the moment that has delayed things somewhat.

Alternatively you can order a design and not order flights – if you wish to use the design at a supplier of your own choice.

Design of Darts Flights

Dart flights design - fully customised to your liking


Please check out some of my examples below.

Darts Flight Design and Order of Flights 12 sets

Dart flights design - fully customised to your liking to be applied to 12 sets of Darts Flights (36 flights, all four sides printed) 100 micron flights.


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