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NIDO Gold Cup Format now an Individual

The NIDO Gold Cup format has been changed to an individual rather than the advertised round robin.

The NIDO executive has informed us that it will not be possible to run a round robin at the venue due to number of entries and logistics on the day. It has made the decision to change the format to an individual to allow it to run smoothly. Best of 7 format as usual county knockout format.

Hello folks with the entry being as big for the men’s comp at our first major we have decided that it is not possible to run this comp as a round robin. So the Gold Cup will be an individual now registration will be from 11 to 11.45 with a 12.00 pm start please remember our marking policy and abide by it.

Stephen Pinkerton

Winmau Irish Open Draw Released

The draws have been released for the Winmau Irish Open and High Performance Roofing Open this weekend at the Killarney Darts Festival.

Some notable entries including Andy Hamilton, Dean Winstanley, Mike Warburton, Kevin Painter, Tony Oshea, Aaron Turner, John OShea and Nathan Rafferty.

And for the ladies we have Fallon Sherrock, Deta Hedman, Roz Bulmer, Ana Dobromyslova, Kirsty Hutchinson, Casey Gallagher and Aileen De Graf etc. Lisa Ashton and Mikuru Suzuki are absent at this one.

From NI we have Denise Cassidy, Julie Leahy, Tammy Jo Grafton, Grace Crane, Ana Madigan and Mags Coulter for the ladies.

Men from NI include Harry Anderson, Roy Baillie, Kenny Brown, Barry Copeland, Andy Coulter, Tommy Deuchars, Eamon Hagan, Seamy Hagan, Neil Duff, Kyle Mckinstry, Mark Hamilton, Marty Moreland, Martin Larkin, Bobby Mcaigue, Conor Mallon, Craig Orr, Simon Mcivor, Nigel Peden, Shane Rafferty, Seamus Rooney, Jamie Serplus and Geoff Wilson.

Youths are open registration on the day.

Irish Open Draw



High Performance Roofing Open Singles



Sure to be a great competition and whomever wins will be a worthy winner with that competitive field of players. Good luck to all.

NIDO Inter Area Standings

county-after-game-1Division 1

AREA 2 back on top after game 1 along with AREA 12 tied with 12 points each. (10 for games won and 2 for the overall win). Highest average for Area 2 was Rodney Greer with 29.91 average, followed by Darnell McCrory with a 28.22.

Area 12’s highest average was Gary Elliott with a 32.85 who was tied 1st overall with Gavin Carlin also with a 32.85 average.

Area 7 and Area 5 got off to a defeat in the 1st game and sitting on 2 points each.

Area 2b pulled off a 7-5 win against Area 10 with Scott Withers hitting a 29.70 average and 5th overall.

Area 9 beat Divison 1 winners from last season Area 4B 8-4 and with 9 players in top 40 averages look to have another strong season ahead.

Division 2

Division two started off with three matches being 6-6 draws and one win/defeat being Area 4R beating Area 1 8-4. Area 4R with 10 points and 3 ahead of the 3 draws and 6 ahead of Area 1 who are bottom of the division.

Highest averages for Division 2 going to Colin Mcgarry with 27.10 and Area 4Rs Dean Wylie with 26.12.

Lowest winning average goes to Willie White with a 15.12

Highest losing average goes to Andy Coulter with 29.02.

All to play for in the second game in December. Some of the high averages will come down and many of the low ones will come up I am sure of that.

Enjoy your darts lads. Game on.