Roy Bailie Wins WWMC Open

A great win yesterday by Roy Bailie winning the Whitehouse Working Men’s Club Darts Open yesterday beating Kevin Burness in the final.

An absolutely fantastic turnout for the darts yesterday with 99 throwers including Darnell McCrory, Davy Glenn, Ticky Taylor, Scott Withers, Johnny Cree, Mervyn Greer, Roy Baillie, Kevin Burness, Carter Guiney, Jonny Blair, Brian Van Doran, Tony Rimmer, Ryan Johnston, Barry Copeland, Ian Kitchen, Nigel Cahoon and Craig Orr to name a few.

Kevin Burness beat Darnell McCrory and Roy Bailie beat Craig Orr in the semi finals. But it was the more experienced darter in Roy that overcame Kevin in the final.

Thanks to everyone that supported and helped run the tournament organised by Ticky Taylor. Special thanks to all that contributed to the raffle and collections.

Beaten quarter finalists:

George Fleck
Davy Glenn
Jamie Serplus
Roy Montgomery

Semi finalists:

Darnell McCrory
Craig Orr

Runner Up:
Kevin Burness

Roy Bailie

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