NIDO Averages and Tables Updated

The NIDO has released up to date averages for the mens inter area county divisions 1 and 2.

Top of the division 1 is Area 2 and division 2 is 2c.

Top of the average rankings is Kyle Mckinstry. With Gavin not able to qualify for the NI team due to having a PDC Tour Card young Josh Rock is technically number 5 on the rankings. A great showing this year after progressing through the NIDO youth system and moving on from Area 5 last season. He has settled with Area 2D and has some steady players to gain experience with in Paul Mcdonald, Davy Martin, Colin Reid, Ashley Rainey and his dad Paul Rock. Look forward to seeing if Josh can keep this up over the long season ahead.

  1. Kyle Mckinstry
  2. Chris Gilliland
  3. Gavin Carlin
  4. Gary Elliott
  5. Neil Duff
  6. Josh Rock
  7. Andy Coulter
  8. Daniel McDonald
  9. David Finlay
  10. Simon Dunn

Check out the full rankings list and tables here

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