NIDO Inter Area County Rd 3

We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year break, but now it’s back to NIDO Inter Area County time this weekend.

The NIDO Counties start back up again for the men this weekend, with a number of good match ups. The tables for both divisions have been updated here

Division 1

Area 5 vs Area 12

Area 5 on the bottom of Division 1 and have no respite here against Area 12 who will be disappointed they got a draw last time out against Area 10. Area 12 are 3 points behind Area 2 and will be looking for a big win here to keep the pressure on Area 2 at the top of division.

Area 9 vs Area 7

Area 7 travelling away to Area 9 this Saturday and will be looking to get as many legs as they can in this one. I would not count Area 7 out of this tie as they have quite a good panel of players and with David Finlay winning up in Articlave and the ever impressive Daniel McDonald they have quite a good panel of steady and explosive players on their books. Area 9 will need to be on their toes as they lost their last game and cant afford anymore with Area 2 powering ahead.

Area 2B vs Area 2

Area 2B Stingers have won 1, lost 1 but they will be up for the game against a travelling Area 2 side who are looking to gather up as much points as they can. The Stingers are not to be underestimated with five players – Ray Bell, Kevin Magill, Scott Withers, John O’Toole and Alan Martin in the top 50 of the rankings averages, they can give anyone a game in the division.

Area 10 vs Area 4B

Area 10 are sitting mid table with 12 points (10 behind the leaders), but they have some impressive throwers in the ranking averages including Gavin Carlin, Simon Dunn, Cormac Begley, Sean McKinney and Dermot McGuinness to name a few. Area 4B the reigning Division 1 holders have a stellar squad including Gary Tipping, Rodney Kane, Andy Coulter, Mark Yeates, Peter Shaw, Craig Orr, Marty Mooreland, Roy Bailie and Brian Cathcart all in the top 50 average rankings. A bit of distance for the 4B lads to journey but they will be up to task. I think this will be a fantastic game between the two teams.

Division 2

Area 2D vs Area 1

Area 2D unbeaten so far (won 1, drew 1) will look to extend that run against Area 1 who are bottom of Division 2. Area 1 were a bit unlucky last time out in being 6-2 up and losing the last four legs to draw with Area 13 – but will be spurred on by William McKendry and Bugsy McKendry winning some comps over the Christmas break. Alan Boyd, James Walker and William McKendry all in the top 50 average rankings so they just need the rest to pull themselves up to get a win and start their way upwards. Area 2D have a good few quality throwers in Ashley Rainey, Josh Rock (who hit a 32.32 average last time!) and the evergreen Paul McDonald who gets better each season. This will be a close game as always between these teams.

Area 11 vs Area 4R

Next we have Area 11 hosting Area 4R who I thought played great in their first game against Area 1 but then lost out their last game – just shows that this Divison 2 will be a closely run division. Area 11 sitting one from bottom of the pile and will a tough test for 4R. It’s never easy going to Area 11, looking for a win. Too close to call on this one.

Area 9B vs 9C

The battle of the two Area 9 teams this weekend with 9C looking to get their first win and 9B looking to keep up the pressure on 2C at the top of the Division 2. Flip a coin on this one. Good luck to Johnny Stewart who is more than holding his own averaging 23+ in the last two games – great to see the youngsters mixing it with the mens – great experience for them.

Area 2C vs Area 13

Last up we have Area 2C hosting Area 13. A bit of a trip for Area 13 up to Larne for a day of darts. Colin McGarry has come back and is enjoying his arrows at his leisure. 2C are sitting top of Division 2 and will looking to cement that with a win here. They have some good throwers and will be looking for McGarry to show them the way to keep winning. Barry Holland and Dessie Adams are the only two of Area 13 to be in the top 100 average rankings wise, but that doesnt tell the whole story – averages dont win, setup play and outshots do, so Area 2C should not underestimate Area 13 in this one.

Go out and enjoy your darts lads.

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