Charlie Gaile Results

The Charlie Gaile and Charlie Wright Pairs kicked off yesterday at The Drummond Hotel in Ballykelly and they had some great players in attendance, including Tony Martin, Jim Williams and PDC Tour Card holder and Euro Tour Winner Jamie Hughes, among others including some great local talent.

Area 2 player and NIDO youth player Sean Kearns (pictured with NIDO chairman Geoff Wylie) lifted the Youth competition at the Charlie Gaile yesterday playing awesome darts again.

He was followed by his Area 2 team mates Neil Duff and Chris Gilliland who won the Charlie Wright Pairs in the afternoon.

Unfortunately for Neil Duff after beating Jim Williams on route to the final in the Singles, he came unstuck against Tipton’s Jamie Hughes, going down 5-4. Unlucky Neil, onto the next one.

Beaten semi finalists were Donegal’s Dean Gallagher beat by Hughes and Chris Gilliland beat by Duff.

A great day out for all involved and again shows the class darts of Northern Ireland at the moment.

NIDO Averages and Tables Updated

The NIDO has released up to date averages for the mens inter area county divisions 1 and 2.

Top of the division 1 is Area 2 and division 2 is 2c.

Top of the average rankings is Kyle Mckinstry. With Gavin not able to qualify for the NI team due to having a PDC Tour Card young Josh Rock is technically number 5 on the rankings. A great showing this year after progressing through the NIDO youth system and moving on from Area 5 last season. He has settled with Area 2D and has some steady players to gain experience with in Paul Mcdonald, Davy Martin, Colin Reid, Ashley Rainey and his dad Paul Rock. Look forward to seeing if Josh can keep this up over the long season ahead.

  1. Kyle Mckinstry
  2. Chris Gilliland
  3. Gavin Carlin
  4. Gary Elliott
  5. Neil Duff
  6. Josh Rock
  7. Andy Coulter
  8. Daniel McDonald
  9. David Finlay
  10. Simon Dunn

Check out the full rankings list and tables here

McKinstry and Rafferty in the PDC UK Open

The Challenge Tour and Development Tour spots have been confirmed for the 2020 UK Open after the conclusion of Q-School and players being taken out as a result of winning Tour Cards.

Cameron Menzies heads the list of the Challenge Tour qualifiers and is joined by names such as Andy Jenkins, Barry van Peer, Cody Harris and Boris Koltzov. They are joined by Northern Ireland player and International Captain Kyle McKinstry. He will look to assert himself in the UK Open at Minehead.

He is joined by three Irish youngsters Keane Barry, Nathan Rafferty and Shane McGuirk who between them headed up the Development tour hierarchy at the end of the season. Each one of them are well capable of winning big time games. A great future ahead. I expect at least one of them to get through to the last 16 stage.

Good luck lads.

NIDO Masters Results

Well last Saturday was the NIDO Masters in The Standard Nortel Club Belfast. Great darts again with some new faces in the quarter finals and semi finals. Great to see the standard on the rise in the ladies, youth and mens.

Another superb turn out for this competition, with 131 men, 18 ladies and 14 youth.

Before the darts started there was a presentation to Area 13’s Warren Penney for hitting the first ever nine dart leg at the NI OPEN back in October. Even MVG, Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld couldn’t do it at the NI Open. Well done Warren.

Warren Penney

Then it was start of all the competitions with the standard of darts being as good as ever. A hearty well done to the executive and the people setting up the rooms for all the players with the ladies and youth having their own space, it made for a better playing environment.

The last 16 of the men’s comp to the final results were:

Last 16
Gary Elliott 4 Nigel G Cahoon 1
Mark Yates 4 Roy Bailie 0 Paul McDonald 4 Andy Coulter 0
Simon Dunn 3 Stephen Moore 4
Jordan Moore 3 Christopher Gracey 4
Neil Withers 3 Rodney Kane 4
Gary Tipping 0 Josh Rock 4
Marty Moreland 2 Neil Duff 4

Quarter Finals
Gary Elliott 5 Mark Yates 2
Paul McDonald 5 Stephen Moore 3
Chris Gracey 5 Rodney Kane 4
Josh Rock 1 Neil Duff 5

Semi Finals
Gary Elliott 3 Paul McDonald 5
Chris Gracey 0 Neil Duff 5

Paul McDonald 1 Neil Duff 6. Well done to Area 2’s Neil Duff who seems to be hoovering up competitions this last while continuing on from his exploits over Christmas. Unlucky to Area 2D’s Paul McDonald who came up short in the final but the scoreline flattered Duff and should have been closer. Paul must take heart from this result and on another day it might have went his way.

Neil Duff with Stephen Pinkerton

Ladies comp was as competitive as always with a round robin being played to the Last 8.

Quarter Finals
Elaine Moran 4 Helen Dunn 2
Valerie Rooney 2 Anna Madigan 4
Grace Crane 4 Kelly Devlin 2
Jackie O’Neill 0 Denise Cassidy 4

Semi Finals
Elaine Moran 1 Anna Madigan 4
Grace Crane 0 Denise Cassidy 4

Anna Madigan 0 Denise Cassidy 5. What more can I say about Denise Cassisy, she is head and shoulders above everyone else locally in Northern Ireland at the minute. Didnt lose a leg from the quarter final stage, yes that’s 13 legs in a row… Talent always rises to the the top.

Denise with Lorraine Brandon

The youths played a round robin as well and here is the semi and final results

Sean Kearns lost to Travis Baur
Johnny Stewart beat Jason Canning

Travis Baur lost to Johnny Stewart. Well done to Johnny Stewart winning the NI Youth Masters, a great achievement and just shows him playing on the NIDO mens tour have given him the experience he needs to grind out results. Well done young man.

Travis (left) Alan Wallace and Johnny (right)

PDC Q School Entries so far

A provisional list of entries has been released via DartConnect showing the first participants to register for 2020 PDC UK Q-School.

Well-known players such as Jamie Caven, Robbie Green, Wes Newton, Dave Askew, Andrew Gilding, Alan Norris, Mark Webster and Kevin Painter are among the professionals trying to earn back their tour cards. Andy Hamilton was expected to join the entries also.

We are also seeing some BDO regulars in the line up including Dave Evans, Scott Mitchell, Jim Williams, Scott Waites, Tony ‘Silverback’ O’Shea and Gary Robson.

There are also entries for Fallon Sherrock, Deta Hedman and Japanese star Mikuru Suzuki.

From these shores we have Kevin Burness, Keane Barry, Trevor Vallely, Niall Culleton and BDO World Masters winner John O’Shea to name a few.

Notable names not on this list are Kyle McKinstry and Neil Duff – who have yet to register and what with the WDF and BDO controversies, it remains to be seen if they will or not. Closing date is midday 14th January. PDC Q School kicks off on the 16th and runs for four consecutive days.

Each day will see the last two players at the UK Qualifying School and the winner of the European Qualifying School secure an automatic Tour Card, with points being allocated to other players based on wins in each full round.

Further Tour Cards will then be awarded based on the respective Q School Orders of Merit, allocated per venue on a pro-rata basis from the numbers of competing players.

Players who do not win a Tour Card will become PDPA Associate Members and can compete on the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour in 2020, with a sixth Challenge Tour weekend now being added to the circuit on September 19-20 in Wigan.

Provisional list of participants for 2020 PDC UK Q-School

Adams, Sean
Adshead, David
Airey, David
Allen, Devon
Anderson, Cameron
Ansell, Frankie
Argyle, Aaron
Asada, Seigo
Ashurst, Michael
Askew, Dave
Atkin, Steven
Atkins, Jamie
Atkins (Leeds), Martin
Atkins (Wigan), Martin
Aubrey, Chris
Baldock, Allen
Balfe, Donal
Ball, Alex
Barilli, Mark
Barnfather, Matthew
Barry, Keane
Barstow, Chas
Batchelor, Carl
Baughan, Tom
Baxter, Craig
Beck, Richard
Beeney, Aaron
Bent, Christopher
Bevan, Ben
Beveridge, Darren
Blades, Gary
Blyth, David
Boon, Nathan
Borland, William
Borthwick, Philip
Bowman, Adam
Brooks, Bradley
Brooks, Rachel
Brown, Darron
Burdett, Nathan
Burness, Kevin
Burness, William
Burton, Corey
Byrne, Shane
Calvert, David
Carr, David
Carter, Jake
Caven, Jamie
Chalmers, Andy
Chance, Ben
Cheeseman, Ben
Chubb, Kirsty
Clark, Jamie
Clark, Tony
Clarke, Ricky
Clarke, Tom
Clifton, James
Cocks, Nick
Colbourne, Stephen
Cole, Jarred
Collins, Robert
Comben, Robert
Cope, Aiden
Costigan, John
Coulson, Derek
Court, Gary
Court, John
Cowan, Martin
Cox, Daniel
Craddock, Ryan
Craven, Chris
Creed, Terry
Cressey, George
Crossley, John
Cullen, Jason
Culleton, Niall
Darbyshire, Scott
Davenport, Perry
Davey, John
Davidson, Andrew
Davies, Darren
Davies, Stuart
Davies (Crewe), Ben
Dawson, Tom
Day, Daniel
Delahunty, Jason
Dennant, Matthew
Denoon, Nicky
Derrick, Andy
Dolan, Jeremy
Dowling, Kevin
Doyle, Cameron
Ducklin, Kelvin
Dudbridge, Mark
Duncan, James
Duncan, Stuart
Duo, Dylan
Dutton, Stuart
Eastwood, Gary
Edhouse, Ritchie
Edwards, Dafydd
Edwards, David
Edwards, Martin
Ellis, Robbie
Emmett-Bowden, Owen
Evans, David
Evans, Kieran
Evans, Lee
Everett, Dale
Ewing, Sean
Farmer, Mark
Fathers, Jason
Finch, Matthew
Fitzpatrick, Glenn
Flitton, Mark
Forde, Dean
Forman, Andrew
Fowler, Martyn
Fox, Shaun
Francis, Callum
Frost, Mark
Furness, Ryan
Gallimore, Stephen
Garcia, Kevin
Geraghty, Keith
Getty, Luke
Gilding, Andrew
Gillet, Mike
Goode, Aled
Goodwin, Phillip
Graham, Mark
Grearson, Martin
Green, David
Green, Robbie
Greenaway, Ian
Gregory, Thomas
Griffin, Rhys
Grimes, Mark
Gwynne, Jacob
Habgood, Josh
Hall, Graham
Hall, Rees
Hallas, Brian
Harrington, Ryan
Harris, Lee
Harrison, Richard
Harrison, Wayne
Hawkins, Marcus
Hayward (Stafford), Edward
Hedman, Deta
Herewini, Darren
Heta, Damon
Heywood, Joseph
Hickey, Mark
Hine, Steve
Hodgson, Darrell
Hogg, Chris
Holgate, Ashley
Holloway, Paul
Hollyhead, Ellis
Hood, Justin
Hope, Ryan
Hope, Scott
Howarth, Joshua
Huckvale, Adam
Hudson, Brian
Hudson, Peter
Hunt, Adam
Hunt, Rory
Hunter, Sam
Huntington, Ben
Hurley, Conor
Hurrell, James
Jacques, Peter
Jenkinson, Adam
Jenkinson, Paul
Johnson, Darren
Jones, Christopher Paul
Jones, Dean
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Wayne
Jones-Swanson, Coby
Jopling, Ian
Kay, Danny
Kelling, Jamie
Kempster, James
Kippen, John
Kirk, Aden
Lacey, Chris
Ladley, David
Lammie, David
Lane, Kevin
Lauby, Daniel
Lawrence, Mark
Lawson, James
Layton, Mark
Lee, Daniel
Leung, Kai Fan
Lever, Ian
Lishman, Tommy
Long , Alex
Lovely, Eddie
Lovely, Thomas
Lowthorpe, Joshua
Lynch, George
Lynskey, Patrick
Main, Jack
Marshall, Ray
Mathers, Gordon
Mathews, Chris
Mawson, Gary
McDine, Kevin
McKinney, Kevin
McKirdy, Jimmy
Mccloskey, Michael
Meaker, Ian
Meaney, Michael
Meek, Liam
Mitchell, Liam
Mitchell, Peter
Modra, Robert
Momma, Taro
Morrison, Alexander
Morrison, Sandy
Morrison, Steven
Moston, Jim
Mold, Adam
Murphy, David
Murphy, Jason
Murphy, Russell
Murray, Geoffrey
Murray, Ryan
Nakanishi, Eikichi
Neads, David
Neary, Jack
Newton, Wes
Nicholson, David
Norris, Alan
O’Boyle, Martin
O’Shea, Anthony
O’Shea, John
O’Toole, William
Osborne, Colin
Owen, Robert
Owen, Tim
Painter, Kevin
Palmer, Ryan
Penhall, Darren
Penney, Danny
Phillips, Brad
Pick, Chris
Pilgrim, Darryl
Pink, Matthew
Place, Darren
Plumb, Ian
Poole, Michael
Portela, Diogo
Portela, Mario
Power, John
Preston, Simon
Price, Shane
Pride, Lewis
Prince, Dave
Procter, Tony
Puleo, Chuck
Quantock, Chris
Quenby, Ben
Quinn, Patrick
Rabadiya, Hitesh
Read, Dan
Redding, Dave
Rees, Robert
Reeves, Curtis
Richardson, James
Richardson, Tony
Ritchie, Greg
Roach, Terry
Robinson, Jamie
Robson, Gary
Rose, Daniel
Ryan, Sean
Sato, Kasumi
Savage, Stephen
Scutt, Connor
Selby-Rivas, Jaikob
Shaw, Matthew
Sherrock, Fallon
Singh Nagi, Coni
Slocombe, Keith
Smith, Dennis
Smith, Suzanne
Stafford, Gary
Stansbury, Robert
Stevenson, Evander
Stocker, Mark
Stubbs, Stuart
Suzuki, Mikuru
Tabern, Alan
Tate, Simon
Taylor, David
Taylor, Dom
Taylor, Scott
Thexton, William
Thomas, Martin
Thompson, James
Treadgold, Nathan
Tucker, Luke
Turle, Lee
Twell, Ross
Urmston-Toft, AJ
Usher, Graham
Vallely, Trevor
Van Der Mescht, Michael
Venables, Mark
Vincent, Jack
Waites, Scott
Ware, Chris
Weaver, Darren
Webster, Mark
West, Ben
White, Chris
White, Stuart
Whittaker , Grant
Whitworth, Lee
Whybrow, Brian
Williams, Derek
Williams, Jim
Williams, Lee
Williams, Lewis
Williams, Stephen
Wilson, Kevin
Wilson, Mark
Wilson, Stu
Wood, Adam
Wood, Tony
Woodhouse, James
Woods, Brian
Woolgar, Simon
Wynn, Jonathan
Yadav, Pranav
Yamada, Yuki
Yates, Luke
Young, James

NIDO Inter Area County Rd 3

We hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year break, but now it’s back to NIDO Inter Area County time this weekend.

The NIDO Counties start back up again for the men this weekend, with a number of good match ups. The tables for both divisions have been updated here

Division 1

Area 5 vs Area 12

Area 5 on the bottom of Division 1 and have no respite here against Area 12 who will be disappointed they got a draw last time out against Area 10. Area 12 are 3 points behind Area 2 and will be looking for a big win here to keep the pressure on Area 2 at the top of division.

Area 9 vs Area 7

Area 7 travelling away to Area 9 this Saturday and will be looking to get as many legs as they can in this one. I would not count Area 7 out of this tie as they have quite a good panel of players and with David Finlay winning up in Articlave and the ever impressive Daniel McDonald they have quite a good panel of steady and explosive players on their books. Area 9 will need to be on their toes as they lost their last game and cant afford anymore with Area 2 powering ahead.

Area 2B vs Area 2

Area 2B Stingers have won 1, lost 1 but they will be up for the game against a travelling Area 2 side who are looking to gather up as much points as they can. The Stingers are not to be underestimated with five players – Ray Bell, Kevin Magill, Scott Withers, John O’Toole and Alan Martin in the top 50 of the rankings averages, they can give anyone a game in the division.

Area 10 vs Area 4B

Area 10 are sitting mid table with 12 points (10 behind the leaders), but they have some impressive throwers in the ranking averages including Gavin Carlin, Simon Dunn, Cormac Begley, Sean McKinney and Dermot McGuinness to name a few. Area 4B the reigning Division 1 holders have a stellar squad including Gary Tipping, Rodney Kane, Andy Coulter, Mark Yeates, Peter Shaw, Craig Orr, Marty Mooreland, Roy Bailie and Brian Cathcart all in the top 50 average rankings. A bit of distance for the 4B lads to journey but they will be up to task. I think this will be a fantastic game between the two teams.

Division 2

Area 2D vs Area 1

Area 2D unbeaten so far (won 1, drew 1) will look to extend that run against Area 1 who are bottom of Division 2. Area 1 were a bit unlucky last time out in being 6-2 up and losing the last four legs to draw with Area 13 – but will be spurred on by William McKendry and Bugsy McKendry winning some comps over the Christmas break. Alan Boyd, James Walker and William McKendry all in the top 50 average rankings so they just need the rest to pull themselves up to get a win and start their way upwards. Area 2D have a good few quality throwers in Ashley Rainey, Josh Rock (who hit a 32.32 average last time!) and the evergreen Paul McDonald who gets better each season. This will be a close game as always between these teams.

Area 11 vs Area 4R

Next we have Area 11 hosting Area 4R who I thought played great in their first game against Area 1 but then lost out their last game – just shows that this Divison 2 will be a closely run division. Area 11 sitting one from bottom of the pile and will a tough test for 4R. It’s never easy going to Area 11, looking for a win. Too close to call on this one.

Area 9B vs 9C

The battle of the two Area 9 teams this weekend with 9C looking to get their first win and 9B looking to keep up the pressure on 2C at the top of the Division 2. Flip a coin on this one. Good luck to Johnny Stewart who is more than holding his own averaging 23+ in the last two games – great to see the youngsters mixing it with the mens – great experience for them.

Area 2C vs Area 13

Last up we have Area 2C hosting Area 13. A bit of a trip for Area 13 up to Larne for a day of darts. Colin McGarry has come back and is enjoying his arrows at his leisure. 2C are sitting top of Division 2 and will looking to cement that with a win here. They have some good throwers and will be looking for McGarry to show them the way to keep winning. Barry Holland and Dessie Adams are the only two of Area 13 to be in the top 100 average rankings wise, but that doesnt tell the whole story – averages dont win, setup play and outshots do, so Area 2C should not underestimate Area 13 in this one.

Go out and enjoy your darts lads.

Kyle McKinstry wins Dunmurry Inn Competition on New Years Day

The New Year kicked off in style yesterday at the Dunmurry Inn with Area 9’s Kyle Mckinstry winning the competition.

Area 2’s Neil Duff was the runner up and took away £300 as a consolation prize. Kyle won £500 – just enough for his Q School Entry?

Over £1100 was paid out in prize funds, with 62 competitors it was a great day of darts.

Thanks to all at the Dunmurry Inn for running a successful day of darts and for the great service that was provided.