PDC World Championship Day 9 Preview

Saturday December 21

Afternoon Session (12.30pm)

4 x Second Round

Keegan Brown vs Seigo Asada

Keegan Brown kicks off his World Championship in the second round versus Seigo Asada. Seigo overcame Mickey Mansell 3-0 in the first round but I fear will need to add an extra 5 points on his average. Keegan to win.

Simon Whitlock vs Harry Ward

Simon Whitlock is frustrating for a punter at the bookies, because one day he looks a winner and the next he is throwing a 75 average. Will he be up for it in his first match, most likely yes. Usually Whitlock runs out of steam and usually gets through a few rounds so unless Harry Ward starts straight away and blows Whitlock away in the first set, I expect Whitlock to come through this game, just. Whitlock 3-2.

Steve West vs Ryan Searle

This should be a good game as well. Steve West, yet to win a ranking competition in the PDC but he would forego all that to win this competition for sure. West has one of the best first 9 darts average and because of that scoring ability always gives himself chances. But the double trouble always seem to block him when it counts. Searle on the other hand is a prolific double 16 finisher. If West can pull out the first set and get his doubling going I expect West to win, but wouldnt be shocked to see Searle snatch it in a deciding set. West most 180s.

Adrian Lewis vs Cristo Reyes

Last up in the afternoon is Adrian Jackpot Lewis, a two time winner of the PDC worlds. But that was nearly 7/8 years ago and the strength in depth of talent in the PDC is far superior nowadays. Cristo Reyes is an example of that, who would have thought back in the day a player from Spain would be in the second round of the championship. Adrian is one of the most talented players ever and for a spell was nearly untouchable apart from Taylor and Anderson. But now Jackpot has to climb his way back up the rankings after losing his winnings on the order of merit by not doing so well the last 2 years, and he is finding it difficult to say the least. There have been spells though this year that showed he could still give MVG a game. So I hope that Jackpot turns up today and bangs in an 100+ average. Adrian to win 3-2 in a thriller.

Evening Session (7pm)

4 x Second Round

Daryl Gurney vs Justin Pipe

The remaining player left in the PDC World Championship in Daryl Gurney starts his assault today against a dodgy player in Justin Pipe. Pipe didnt play great in his first game against Pratnemer but a win is a win and something for him to build on, but Gurney should be too good for him on this occasion. Gurney to win 3-1.

Glen Durrant vs Damon Heta

Damon Heat won his first game easy enough and will be a tough cookie to crack for Durrant. Durrant aiming to become BDO and PDC world champion in the same year would be some achievement but I think Heta will shock Durrant here. Durrant will be under pressure to win here and will be the favourite so Heta can just relax and throw. Heta to win.

Mensur Suljovic vs Fallon Sherrock

The next match is one we all will be eagerly awaiting. Fallon Sherrock the history maker by being the first lady to win a match at the PDC Worlds…takes on the Austria juggernaut in Mensur Suljovic. Mensur still in the top 10 of the order of merit is worthy of his ranking but unless he has a good worlds he will be dropping down the rankings. Fallon is a on a free roll and has been in the media all over the place and even been granted a place at the World Series in New York in 2020. Fallon will maybe win a set, but I think Mensur will win this easily enough. He’s a seasoned campaigner and I expect a few 121+ checkouts from the Gentle to rock Fallon to the core. Mensur to win 3-1.

Dimitri Van den Bergh vs Josh Payne

Last up we have Dimitri versus Josh Payne in a reply of a World Youth final. Dimitri won on that occasion but he has not done much on the floor this season to warrant being favourite in this game. Let’s be fair he was only in the Grand Slam because he won the World Youth title at 24 years old last year…but that’s another story for another day. Josh Payne has shown glimpses if form on the floor this year so I wouldnr be surprised to see Payner win this one if he turns up. Dimitri most 180s, Payne to win.

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