PDC World Championship Day 5 Preview

An evening and afternoon session today, with first and second round games.

Tuesday December 17

Afternoon Session (12.30pm)

3 x First Round, 1 x Second Round

Ryan Searle vs Robbie King

Ryan Searle to win – cant predict a score as Robbie King is an unknown to most and could do anything – let’s see how he gets on.

Cristo Reyes vs Lourence Ilagan

Cristo Reyes will win this game 3-0 in my estimation. He is such a good scorer and hits big outshots. Ilagan won’t be able to keep up.

Rowby-John Rodriguez vs Noel Malicdem

Rowby John Rodriguez sometimes plays good, sometimes plays bad and sometimes really does stuff that annoys crowds and players. But Noel just doesnt have the scoring power enough to get enough darts at doubles. Rowby to win here.

Krzysztof Ratajski vs Lerchbacher

Poland vs Austria here. These two have played each other many times over the years in Eastern Europe. Ratajski is a winner in this one – even though Lerchy played a blinder against Hughes – I expect him to not hit the heights again. Ratajski to win 3-1.

Evening Session (7pm)

3 x First Round, 1 x Second Round

Ritchie Edhouse vs Boris Koltsov

Ritchie Edhouse versus Koltsov is an unknown match up. Edhouse you would think would be the favourite and I’m sure he has been practicing with Whitlock down in Portsmouth but you just never know with these two. I’d go with Edhouse with most 180s – and a flip of a coin for the winner in this one.

Jose De Sousa vs Damon Heta

Jose De Sousa is no mug and won two pro tours this year…He wins this game 3-0. Damon Heta comes all the way from Australia for this, but I can’t see how be replicate that form he had down under at the World Series.

Ted Evetts vs Fallon Sherrock

This is an intriguing game – Fallon is on a roll and is playing super darts and well capable of a 90+ average. Evetts has to be on his toes and from the start if he sees this one out. He topped the Development Tour, but he wont have played many lady players and probably not any of the calibre of Fallon. If Fallon wins the first set which she is capable of doing, then Evetts will be under the cosh and who knows if he is mature enough to handle that. I’d love to see Fallon win here – 3-2 to Fallon!

Jeffrey de Zwaan vs Young

JDZ against the North American who put Barney out to pasture in the first round. JDZ is a talent but thats just it – he is still relatively young and still to learn a lot – he is so talented, but he seems to have either really great form or not so good form. Young is a steady player and held up well against Barney and all the pressure from the crowd. I expect Young to win through this 3-2 in a cracker.

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