NIDO Gold Cup Results

What a day yesterday at the Nortel Social Club in Newtownabbey at the NIDO Gold Cup.

The drink was flowing and the food was going down well and we had Andy’s Darts Accessories on sale in the venue.

First off the chairman Geoff Wylie welcomed everyone to the new venue for the NIDO majors and wished everyone luck for the new season ahead. Then NIDO Gen Secretary Stephen Pinkerton got the tournament going proper.

Simon McIvor, Kevin Gregg, Andy McMahon and Johnny Cree in action

In the men’s there were a few notable victories along the way with Area 7’s Paddy Coyles taking out Marty Mooreland 4-0, before Tommy Millen took him out next round. Barry Copeland beat Johnny Cree 4-1 including an 115 checkout for the win, some standard to compete at. Area 1’s Hedgie Mckendry beat Area 2d’s Ashley Rainey before getting beat by Brian Cathcart in the board final. Kyle Mckinstry beat Nigel Cahoon including a 160 checkout in the quarter finals and Davy Glenn beat Barry Copeland in a great quarter final game but fell to Kyle in the semis.

But a surprise new finalist in the men’s with Simon Dunn beating Philip Carson in the quarters and Gary Elliott in the semis. In the final Kyle Mckinstry just had that extra gear and hit the right shots at the right time winning out 6-1 but it was closer than that sounds, but for doubles.

Nigel Cahoon, Barry Copeland, Kyle Mckinstry among others at the oche

In the ladies final, the ever impressive and winning much of everything in ladies darts in NI, Denise Cassidy beat Cookstown’s Kayleigh Oneill in a hard fought final. This win follows up from her win in this last year, so it’s two in a row…Some great ladies playing including Grace Crane, Valerie Rooney and Mags Coulter to name a few.

NIDO Gold Cup Winner Denise Cassidy

In the youths which was round robin format Area 10’s Travis Baur won the NIDO Gold Cup Youths. It’s been a great couple of weeks for Travis having won the Donegal Open Youths last week also. He is a star in the making if he keeps on the path he is setting for himself.

Had such a good day yesterday, the new venue was great, the service fantastic with hot food available and plenty of drink promos, boards and lighting up to standard and couldn’t say a bad word about it myself.

Big Slanty at the oche

Well done to the NIDO executive, sponsors Smithwicks, Indigo, Nortel Social Club, and supporters for the tournament. Next match on the agenda is the 2nd county game of the season on the 7th December.

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