Bringing you all the news from around Northern Ireland on the local scene and on the players across in the UK. Covering all aspects of the game from grass roots to the professional game including NIDO, PDC, BDO and WDF including all the local leagues and competitions around Northern Ireland such as the Area 9 Classic, NI Open, Davy Rock, NIDO Masters, Gold Cup, Classic and Newry City Open. We also cover all dart related news where possible locally and across the water in the UK and in The Republic of Ireland.

Latest Posts / News

NIDO Inter Area County Averages Update

Please see the newly updated Inter Area County Averages. Top 10 are Kyle Mckinstry, Chris Gilliland, Gary Elliott, Neil Duff, Gavin Carlin and Daniel McDonald, David Finlay, Simon Dunn, Colin Mcgarry and Rodney Kane.

Latest video from Northern Irish Players

Watch some recent matches featuring players from Northern Ireland

Neil Duff and Kyle Mckinstry at the WDF World Cup 2019
Neil Duff vs Dave Parletti at BDO World Masters 2019
Neil Duff vs Davy Glenn – Uel Campbell Memorial 2020
Daryl Gurney vs MVG Premier League Manchester 2019
Brendan Dolan vs Ian White PDC Player Championship 29 Final

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